Pool liners are becoming increasingly popular and the selection has become correspondingly large in recent years. But many pool liners fail after just a few years. The low purchase price of most providers may be tempting, but in the long run it is usually a cost trap. That is why we have not offered conventional pool liners for years. We, on the other hand, work with our innovative product polyurea and have been successfully (and without complaint) coating, renovating and sealing pools of all kinds for years.

standard pool liner

Standard pool liners based on ultra-thin PVC are among the most popular pool types of all. Meanwhile, we no longer offer the conventional film systems based on PVC. Although these are the best known and most in demand, they are not at all convincing in practice. Based on the numerous cases of renovation of countless foil pools, the system is not practical and, above all, not sustainable – neither financially nor ecologically.


Pools should not only be functional but also visually convincing. The most beautiful color is of no use if it suffers discoloration after just a few years. This is usually due to the lack of stability against chlorine and UV radiation. Most often, this is noticeable by fading.

Cracks / Leakage

Due to the fragility or sensitive surface of pool liners, cracking of the surface occurs very quickly in most systems. This in turn causes leakage and the complete system is at risk. Subsequently, the complete film usually has to be replaced. Local remediation is usually not sustainable or only a short-term solution.

Osmosis damage

One of the biggest problems with PVC films is the frequent osmosis damage that occurs over the years. Due to the lack of sealing or tightness, water gets through and irreversible damage occurs. In most cases, the pool must be completely resanded in order to reapply a new liner.

Polyurea pool liner

Our pool liner is based purely on polyurea, as it is superior in many ways to a conventional pool liner. Polyurea is a 2-component liquid plastic which is applied by high-pressure spraying. After both components merge in the nozzle, they harden completely within a few seconds and are already loadable. Days or even weeks of waiting are thus eliminated.

The pool system is offered in cooperation with BASF, the largest chemical company in the world.

polyurea pool

Advantages of polyurea

The advantages of our polyurea pool liner over a conventional pool liner are extremely versatile. Polyurea pool liner can be used for new pool lining as well as for renovation of broken pools of all kinds. Here are the main advantages in brief.

color variety with uV stability

The top coat of Polyurea is available in any RAL tone. Thus, there are no limits in terms of color. Whether standard light gray in RAL 7035 or dark sea blue, there are no limits to the optical requirements. The color is also very well preserved due to the high UV stability.

Crack & Scratch Resistant

Cracks or scratches can be virtually ruled out with polyurea. Due to the flexibility as well as stability, cracks (e.g. due to temperature differences) usually do not occur.

Tight & jointless

The polyurea coating is 100% dense and seamless. It is a seamless film which is applied and can also be seamlessly bonded to any open areas such as lights or filter inlets. Thus, one can guarantee complete tightness and there is no risk of leakage. Polyurea can also be used without problems for complex surfaces where problems often occur.

100% osmosis protection

The biggest advantage of polyurea, however, is its protection against osmosis of all kinds. It is the #1 pool liner killer and also the main reason why many pools need to be renovated. Due to the chemical and physical properties, the polyurea coating remains 100% dense and osmosis cannot occur.


In order to coat, seal or renovate a pool with a polyurea film, 4 basic steps are necessary.

  1. Substrate treatment – The substrate must be sanded smooth and free of impurities.
  2. Primer – A special primer is then used, which forms the bonding bridge to the polyurea.
  3. Polyurea – Then the polyurea coating is used with the Masterseal 689 system from BASF.
  4. Final Sealant – The Top Coat provides additional protection to the polyurea sealant and gives the pool the desired color.

Polyurea is applied within a few minutes by means of high-pressure application.

Price / Cost / Buy

The cost of a pool liner based on polyurea is more expensive to purchase but cheaper in the long run due to its properties. Since there is usually no osmosis damage, leakage, cracking or other problems as with standard films, refurbishment every 5-10 years is not necessary. Thus, polyurea is much cheaper, in the long run. However, in principle, you have to expect a price of about +80€ / m2 in the purchase.

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