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Many special areas in our lives require special approaches to solutions. Special solutions are also required in the area of coating & sealing.


Which areas do we cover?

Polyurea unfolds its full potential under the highest loads and shows its true strengths. It also convinces here the flexibility, durability and stability.

Special solutions of all kinds are suitable for coating and sealing with the innovative product polyurea. Polyurea comes into its own in commercial and industrial applications in particular, due to its enormous load-bearing capacity.

Originally, polyurea was developed precisely for demanding purposes. Accordingly, some areas of application arise here.

Further areas of application and individual solutions are available on request!


Wastewater treatment plants

Pipeline Rohre




bahn beschichtung


speziabeschichtung behälter

Catch basin


Individual geometries

4 simple steps

Process At a glance

In 4 simple steps we restore the appearance and functionality of the surface. The rehabilitation is comparatively faster than with other systems but at the same time more sustainable due to the properties of polyurea.

Step #1

First of all, the old system must be sanded and removed. Subsequently, the substrate is treated with a special primer.

Step #2

To prepare the surface for the polyurea system, it must be extensively primed with a special primer.

Step #3

The polyurea system is then applied to the prepared and primed substrate using high-pressure spray application.

Step #4

To give the surface the right look and to protect the surface, a final sealing in the form of a top coat is necessary.


Market leader in specialty coatings for over 25 years.

Below is an overview of the 3 main services we offer in the field of floor coatings and waterproofing.

U Bahn Station


A short overview of the most important advantages of a polyurea spray film for coating, sealing as well as renovation of all kinds of surfaces.


All geometries


100% Dense

Crack & abrasion resistant


Chemically stable

High load capacity

High load capacity

Floors are exposed to the highest physical and chemical stresses on a daily basis and are highly resistant to a wide range of influences.

Fast application

Fast application

After the substrate has been pre-treated, the primer and the spray application are carried out using polyurea, which reaches final hardness after 3 seconds.

Long life

Long life

Floors should last for generations and for this you need the material and system. Polyurea impresses with its extremely long service life.

Design Quality

“Polyurea specialty waterproofing has held up for years.”


You are interested?

Something unclear?

Questions & Answers

If you have any further questions, just call or email!

The advantages of a polyurea coating are primarily in terms of load-bearing capacity, flexibility, but also service life.

In principle, any surface is suitable for coating and sealing polyurea. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Catch basin
  • Tunnel
  • Routes
  • Webs
  • Supports

The m2 price or the total cost depends strongly on the total area as well as the substrate. Simply fill in all the information below and get a free quote.

Basically, we manage to prime, coat and fully seal around 250m2 / day. The curing time is a few seconds. Thus, the application is quick and fast.

Our minimum warranty is 10 years. however, has been witnessed in practice that polyurea can last for decades.

Since we use the product in cooperation with the company BASF there is every conceivable technical detail about Polyurea. You can find all information


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Initial technical consultations and information as well as quotations are free of charge. We request that all necessary information be provided to allow for accurate bidding.

25 years of innovation in the waterproofing and coating sector with polyurea.

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