Flat roofs are absolutely trendy and are becoming more and more popular. From an architectural point of view, flat roofs are a real eye-catcher, but also from an ecological and economic point of view, flat roofs have some advantages. Unlike many other suppliers, we rely on a flat roof foil based on the innovative product polyurea.


The advantages of a flat roof film based on polyurea are many. In principle, however, it can be said that polyurea is much more resilient than conventional plastic films and, accordingly, more durable. Polyurea was originally developed for heavy industry, and the requirements profile is correspondingly high. However, due to new processing possibilities, it is also possible to offer polyurea for flat roofs of various types. Here are the main advantages at a glance:

  • Crack resistant
  • UV stable
  • Seamless / Jointless
  • Flexible
  • All-weather stable
  • high color variety

Areas of application

In principle, polyurea can be applied to almost any surface and thus to any roof. No matter whether private house or large industrial roof. There are no limits with regard to the area of application. Even the substrate does not matter, provided that it has been properly prepared. The following flat roof types are suitable for our flat roof foil.

As previously mentioned, we rely on polyurea flat roofing film for both residential, commercial and industrial applications. For special constructions or own geometries we offer of course custom-made and customized solutions.


The application of the flat roof foil is basically divided into 3 steps. First of all, the substrate must be pre-treated. All irregularities must be sanded and any impurities removed.

cost / price

The cost of a flat roofing film based on polyurea depends mainly on the necessary surface preparation and the number of m2. The larger the roof, the lower the m2 price. For an exact price information we ask you to make an inquiry by e-mail, phone or contact form. This is the only way we can provide accurate information. This is of course free of charge.

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