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We offer sustainable flat roof renovations of all types.

Flat roof renovation with polyurea

Flat roofs are exposed to the highest loads and must withstand all weathers. Conventional roofing films fail after a few years and the consequential damage is extensive.

Polyurea flat roof renovation was developed for this purpose. It is all-weather resistant, hardens quickly and provides lasting protection for any flat roof for decades.


Our offer ranges from small maintenance works to complete renovation of flat roofs of various types.


Renovation and maintenance are particularly important to ensure the functionality of the flat roof. Polyurea is the best renovation solution due to its high flexibility and durability.

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We renovate flat roofs for maintenance with surface corrections to guarantee a long life continuously.



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A brief overview of the main advantages of a polyurea spray film for flat roof renovation.


Flat roofs in Central Europe are exposed to a wide variety of climatic & weather conditions. Polyurea is resistant to heat, frost, hail, wind and snow.

Fast application

After the substrate has been pre-treated, the primer and spray application is carried out using polyurea, which reaches final hardness after 3 seconds.

Long life

Buildings & real estate should last for generations and for that you need the right roof. Polyurea impresses with its extremely long service life.


All geometries


100% Dense




UV Stable

Standard flat roof renovation vs. Polyurea solution


With most films, the first water damage occurs after only a few years due to leaks.


Often, the temperature differences cause slight cracks. Water ingress is the result.


Color discoloration reduces the well-being, aesthetics and appearance of the architecture.

Hydrolysis resistant

Polyurea does not allow osmosis or water to pass through. The coating system is always preserved and functional.


Due to its high flexibility, the jointless seal also protects against cracks. (e.g. by expansion)


The top coat is possible in any RAL tone , color resistant & all weather resistant.

Process at a glance

In 3 simple steps we restore the appearance and functionality of your flat roof. 

The rehabilitation is comparatively faster than with other systems but at the same time more sustainable due to the properties of polyurea.

Substrate Treatment

First of all, the old system must be sanded and removed. Subsequently, the substrate is treated with a special primer.

Polyurea roof system

Subsequently, the Polyurea flat roof system is applied to the prepared and primed substrate by high-pressure spray application.

Final sealing

To give the flat roof the right look and protect the surface, a final sealant in the form of a top coat is necessary.

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In principle, any flat roof is suitable for rehabilitation with polyurea. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Tin roof
  • Wooden roof
  • Interlocking roof
  • Concrete roof
  • Corrugated iron
  • uvm.

The advantages of a polyurea coating lie primarily in its resilience, flexibility and durability. In addition, the seamless surface can be sealed with all RAL shades.

Basically, we manage to prime, coat and fully seal around 250m2 / day. The curing time is a few seconds. Thus, the application is quick and fast.

Our minimum guarantee is 25 years. However, polyurea has been shown in practice to outlast decades.

Since we use the product in cooperation with the company BASF, there is every conceivable technical detail about Polyurea. You can find all information

The m2 price or the total cost depends strongly on the total area as well as the substrate. Simply fill in all the information below and get a free quote.

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25 years of innovation in the waterproofing and coating sector with polyurea.

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