Foil roofs are becoming more and more popular. Foils are being used more and more frequently, especially for flat roofs. We also offer foils for roofs of various types, as the advantages of a foil roof clearly outweigh the disadvantages. In cooperation with the company BASF, the largest chemical company in the world, we offer the future of roofing film – polyurea.

application areas

Basically, there are no limits to the application and you can apply the roofing film based on polyurea on almost any substrate. This means that there is theoretically no roof that cannot be coated with polyurea. Here is a small sample of the most commonly used roofs.

  • Corrugated iron
  • Concrete roof
  • Interlocking roof
  • Wooden roof
  • Tin roof
  • uvm.

Since our roofing film can be used on any geometry, it does not necessarily have to be a flat roof, but can also be a roof of other types. Special designs with unusual or unconventional geometry are also possible.

Advantages of polyurea roofing film

Polyurea offers numerous advantages over other film systems such as EPDM or PVC. This is because polyurea has much better physical and chemical properties. This is because polyurea was originally developed for heavy industry, and the load-bearing capacity of this roofing film is correspondingly high. No matter from
Flat roof foil
or other Gemeotrie.


Polyurea is all-weather resistant and can withstand all weather conditions all year round. This is especially important for roofs. They are exposed to the highest stresses in the form of heat, cold, frost, rain & UV radiation. Especially in the central European alpine region, there is a wide variety of weather conditions throughout the year and the requirements are correspondingly high.

Seamless tightness

Another advantage of polyurea coatings is the jointless tightness, which you get through the coating or spray film. This means that drains or other outlets can also be seamlessly coated and foiled. Transitions or interfaces with joints are usually prone to cracking or other hazards. Due to the flexibility and jointless continuous homogeneous film, this is bypassed.


Polyurea roofing films are incredibly flexible in terms of applications. This means that polyurea can be used to coat any surface in the roof area and, as already described, completely without joints. It is also possible to coat complex and unconventional geometries with different layer thicknesses without any problems.

color variety

A roof should not only be functional, but also make a very good impression visually. Basically, there are no limits, because you can apply the polyurea roofing film in almost any RAL tone. The final sealant then gives a matte or glossy look, depending on your preference.

Application method

The application process of polyurea is again very different from that of a conventional roofing film. First, the substrate must be sanded or prepared so that it is smooth and the surface has no coarse irregularities. Then prime with a special primer, which provides the bonding bridge. Once the primer has dried after a few hours, you can start the actual application of polyurea. The high-pressure spraying process is used to apply the 2-component liquid polyurea resin, which cures completely within 3 seconds. This means that complete roofs can be completely sealed, coated or even renovated within a very short time. Finally, the final sealant is applied.

Thus, even larger areas with several hundred m2 can be completed within a few days with the complete Polyurea roofing film system.

Prices / Costs

The cost of a roofing film with polyurea is higher than that of a conventional EPDM or PVC film. This is because it is completely different system. No plastic film is rolled out but a special 2k liquid plastic mixture is applied in liquid form by means of a high-pressure process.

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